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Airport 2013 Australia Tour NSW

Airport 2013 Australia Tour


2nd November 2013 12:00AM


Civic Underground
388 Pitt Street

‘Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has now turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign. If you haven’t already done so, please stow your carry-on luggage underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead locker. Take your seat, fasten your seat belt and please make sure your seat and folding tray are in the upright position. The Captain would like to advise the only therapy you need at 10,000 feet is a Digital dose…..buckle up for THE AIRPORT TOUR…….’

Yes that’s right people, the kids at Digital Therapy headquarters have been busy thinking, organising and doing circles on the baggage carousel for long enough!!!! The effort well worth the wait as we, together with local label KOMPLEX SOUNDS, bring you the DT event of the year…. Digital Therapy presents The Airport Tour!!!!

We've searched high and low, through the clouds star gazing, to bring you the very best in House, Progressive & Trance. QUALITY music with a guarantee to impress you with QUALITY flying.

If you can give us your undivided attention, even if you have flown with us before, we are proud to present for you on this leg of the flight our exclusive flight-crew:

- Photographer - Thomas Datt - Liam Wilson

Our experienced crew will showcase their skills as they attempt to take us beyond serious altitude - the only way they know how…. Supersonic.

Being the 3rd and final leg of the trip, we help cap off a whirlwind Oz tour at Sydney's famous Civic Underground. Hosting an incredible sound system, supercharged production and sumptuous surroundings.....EDM has never flown in such luxury!!

I played back to back with fellow Sydney DJ, Big-J, here's our tracklist from the night:


  • 01

    [Rossco]: Tranquility Base - Surrender (Filterheadz Mix)

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  • 02

    [Rossco]: Zoo Brazil feat. Rasmus Kellerman - There is Hope (Original Mix)

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  • 03

    [Rossco]: Mike Danis - We Were Once Beloved (Original Mix)

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  • 04

    [Rossco]: Andrew Bayer - Monolith (Original Mix)

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  • 05

    [Rossco]: Cardinal - Sink Into Me (Protoculture Dub Mix)

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Tickets Available at door

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